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Freehold Land for sale

It is simple to buy land

  • Choose your land for sale that you wish to buy

  • Reserve your chosen land

  • 10% deposit secures that land

  • Pay the balance within 28 days

  • All you pay is the price shown (plus £40 to the Land Registry)

  • We do the conveyance for Free for all land you buy from us!

  • You will own the land -  your name will go to the Deeds at the Land Registry

  • You will have legal right of way to your land

  • It's too simple to own a piece of England!



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Buy Freehold Land
We have plots of land for sale around England.

Trading in Land:

Buy a plot; add a profit to it and put it back on the market. Unlike stocks and shares or mismanaged pension funds: Freehold plots are a real Tangible Asset that wont just disappear from your portfolio.

This really is a valuable asset; you can use and enjoy it or simply pass it on to your children or grandchildren for their future.

Some locations could benefit from change of use. It is our Government itself (not us) telling you we need houses, offices, and other infrastructure due to the rising population, to help boost our economy and bridge the housing shortage.

The plots we sell do not have the benefit of Planning Permission at the point of sale, hence the sale prices.


Using Land:

Over 20 years ago we made it possible for individuals to own small manageable plots. Gladwish Land Sales Limited was the first land retailer in England.

We are finding more people are buying them to use like an allotment - grow your own. Others are setting up beehives, chicken runs and even breeding animals. The reality of the global food shortage and our reliance on oil industry is already evident - Go Green.

Possibly buy for conservation or recreational activities: camping with the family or take your partner out for a romantic picnic :)

Enjoy the great outdoors, get away from the TV and Internet - get fresh air, fresh food and exercise.

We live in a free country (apparently), so it makes sense to use land to grow your own, raise some animals or Bee's (which may need to be fenced in to protect them and the public) and even apply for change of use - as per your rights, so we would encourage you to research your aspirations before buying land to ensure common sense, practical use and civil liberties are not overridden by local councils policies.

Buy Freehold land as a gift

Buy Land as a Gift!

Land for sale from only £2,000

Buy land as a gift for your child’s future or for somebody to sell in the future.

We have many people asking if they can buy land as a gift for their children.

Fortunately, they are not alone and this is something we have done for many of our customers in the past.
Some will come back to us when their children are 18 years old so we can transfer the land into their names.
And of course, a lot of the buyers children are already 18 years old, so this is a very simple procedure.

Land for sale from £2,000

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Buy land as a gift



We are giving you the chance to become a Land Trader

January Promotion

People buy land for so many reasons, you need to do some research; so I thought I'd help you get started.
This may answer a few questions about how land use in England is changing - not our sales pitch.


Grow Food


Land Prices Treble

All the plots we sell are TAX FREE - they include a right of access and they are sold witout planning permission.

About planning permission and our land

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